Mexico Tour

Audiovisual Explorations

Mexico, August 17 – September 23, 2023

Luis Sanz and Niculin Barandun Embarked on Inspiring Five-Week Tour of Mexico

Audiences were captivated by a unique blend of experimental audiovisual art as artists Niculin Barandun and Luis Sanz embarked on an immersive five-week tour of Mexico. This fascinating collaboration invited audiences to experience a series of performances in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Valle de Bravo, Oaxaca and Monterrey.

Niculin Barandun, a Swiss artist with a penchant for innovation, presented his latest audiovisual concert «Topia» as part of the tour. Through improvisational exploration, Barandun wove together computer-generated audiovisual landscapes that evoked sensations of intimacy, sensitivity, and movement. This work explored the interplay between sound and ancient landscapes, creating an immersive experience that transcended language.

Luis Sanz, known for his exhilarating audiovisual experiences, brought his vision to the tour with his performance «Flexum». Sanz’s exploration of synthetic sound and computer graphics created a unique sonic journey that challenged traditional boundaries. Through intricate compositions and innovative modulation techniques, Sanz invited the audience to explore the ever-evolving territories of experimental sound.

More than just a series of performances, the Mexico Tour was an opportunity to engage with Mexico’s cutting-edge experimental music scene. Both Barandun and Sanz shared a commitment to pushing creative boundaries and providing audiences with an immersive experience that encouraged introspection and connection.

Pictures: Pablo E. Peña P. (

The tour was made possible with the generous financial support of Pro Helvetia, the SUISA FOUNDATION, the City of Bern, and the Canton of Bern.

Tour Dates:

Thu 17 August – Mexico City – Sonidos Eclécticos Electrónicos, Veri Bari
Sat 19 August – Mexico City – Algo Tranqui, Nadadores
Thu 24 August – Mexico City – Ciclo de Arte Sonoro, Zunzún Insular
Fri 25 August – Mexico City – Exhibición, Estado Incandescente
Sat 26 August – Mexico City – Casa del Árbol
Fri 01 September – Guadalajara – Galeria Sepia
Fri 08 September – Valle de Bravo – Ojalá Bar
Tue 12 September – Monterrey – Pabellón La Carreta, TEC de Monterrey
Wed 13 September – Monterrey – Laboratorio Arte AC, TEC de Monterrey
Sat 16 September – Mexico City – TVL Rec Fest, Vernacular Institute
Wed 21 September – Oaxaca – Son de Aqui, Son de Bar
Fri 22 September – Mexico City – 316centro