Pointed Frequencies

Pointed Frequencies

Audio Visual Concert

1ch FullHD or 4k Video Projection
Stereo Sound
Duration: Variable (30′-60′)

Audio Visual Installation

1ch 4k Video
Stereo Sound
Duration: 15’00’’

In the immersive audiovisual concert «Pointed Frequencies», viewers gain access to audiovisual compositions based on frequencies used in sound therapy.

The project brings together three artists who merge their different research dialects into an audiovisual live performance. The photographer and visual artist Marie Sutter, the media artist Niculin Barandun and the musician Ben Kaczor develop a form of improvisational interplay in which moving image and sound create a multidimensional space in a sensitive interaction.

The interdisciplinary cooperation of image and sound connects the personal backgrounds and the artistic language of the three participants. The three individual personal styles come together in the project to form a common audiovisual language.

Improvisation is the central design process at the heart of this interdisciplinary collaboration. A symbiosis of the two levels occurs, in which image and sound influence and inspire each other.