Niculin Barandun

Swiss artist born 1987, based in Basel, Switzerland. Using self-developed software-instruments, Niculin Barandun creates processes at the intersection of art, science, technology and design.

Selection of audiovisual performances/ installations

2019: «Transmission~», Audiovisual concert, Palazzo delle esposizioni, Rome
2018: «Spanish footwork», collaboration with Kid Simius, Circle of Light, Moscow International Festival, Moscow
2018: «Stm~ Duality», Volumens Festival Internacional de Exploración Audio & Visual, Valencia
2018: «Materialized Moments», collaboration with Natureboy Flako, Kyiv Lights Festival, Kiev
2018: «Tane», Finalist 1-minute Projection Mapping Competition, Nagasaki
2017: «Rem», First prize Odessa Light Fest, Odessa
2017: «Obscure», Kyiv Lights Festival, Kiev, Ukraine
2016: «Proteios», Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel
2016: «Proteios», Royal Fish Festival, Baden
2016: «Stm~ Duality», SOUND//VISION, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2015: «Stm~ Duality», Design Festival, Videokunstraum Progr, Bern
2015: «Stm~ Duality», Taktung Festival, Zurich
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest, Kassel
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Circle of Light, Moscow International Festival, Moscow
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Lab1, Eindhoven
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Mapping Festival, Genf
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Telenoika Headquarters, Barcelona
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Künstlerhaus Nürnberg, Nuremberg

Selection of visual performances / installations

2018: «Mapping Possibilities VI», Pro Helvetia Jubilee Program, Cairo
2018: «Undiscovered», New Media Art Exhibition, Guangzhou
2017: «The Several Ways», Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel
2017: Openair Zürich, Zurich
2016: Electron Festival, Geneva
2016: m4music, Zurich
2015: Circle of Light, Moscow International Festival, Moscow
2015: m4music, Zurich
2013: Poolloop Festival Rote Fabrik, Zurich
2013: m4music, Zurich
2013: Centras Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania
2013: Live Performers Meeting, Rome
2012: Taktung Festival, Zurich


2019: «Custom Visual Instruments with TouchDesigner», m4music, Zurich
2015: «Algorithmic Visual Composition» generate! Festival, Tübingen
2015: «Algorithmic Audiovisual Composition» Taktung Festival, Zurich
2013: «From 2D to 3D», Centras Festival, Kaunas (Lithauen)
2012: «Visual Lab», m4music, Blok, Zurich
2011: «Live-Video and Custom Interfaces», Institut HyperWerk, Basel
2010: «Live-Video Mixing» Institut HyperWerk, Basel


2018: «The Several Ways I've Died In My Imagination», Basel Media Art Prize 2018
2018: Jury Member, VJ Battle Kyiv Lights Festival, Kiev
2015/2016: Head of Jury, VJ-Battle Royal Fish, Fantoche Int. Festival für Animationsfilm, Baden
2014: «DokfestLounge: Artist Talk», Kunsthochschule Kassel, Kassel
2014: «Creative Code Meeting», Telenoika Headquarters, Barcelona
2014: Jury-Member, VJ-Torna VJ-Battle, Lab1, Eindhoven