Swiss multidisciplinary artist Niculin Barandun is employing contemporary technology to create immersive performances and installations. His work is inspired by the vernacular of science and often utilizing processes in nature as a starting point for artistic exploration.

Barandun is a laureate of the Basel Media Art Prize and has showcased his work in events and venues such as Mutek Montreal, Sonar Barcelona, Rewire Festival Den Haag, Le Guess Who? Utrecht, HeK – House of electronic Arts Basel, Mapping Festival Geneva and International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Selection of performances and installations

2024: Jbal Rssas Audiovisual concert with Deena Abdelwahed & Khalil Epi (Nuits Sonores, Lyon | Les Nuits Botaniques, Bruxelles | La Gaité Lyrique, Paris | Dnit, CaixaForum, Barcelona | Donaufestival, Krems | Sonica Festival, Ljubliana | Kino Přítomnost, Prague | Antipodes, Rennes)
2023: «Topia», Audiovisual concert, 316centro, Mexico City
2023: «Topia», Audiovisual concert, Son de Aqui, Oaxaca
2023: «Topia», Audiovisual concert, TVL Rec Festival, Vernacular Institute, Mexico City
2023: «Topia», Audiovisual concert, Pabellón la Carreta, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey
2023: «Topia», Audiovisual concert, Ojala Bar, Valle de Bravo, MX
2023: «Topia», Audiovisual concert, Galeria Sepia, Guadalajara
2023: «Topia», Audiovisual concert, Estado Incandescente, Mexico City
2023: «Topia», Audiovisual concert, Ciclo de Arte Sonoro, ZunZun Insular, Mexico City
2023: «Topia», Audiovisual concert, Algo Tranqui, Nadadores, Mexico City
2023: Sonidos Eclécticos Electrónicos, Veri Bari, Mexico City
2023: Jbal Rssas Audiovisual concert with Deena Abdelwahed & Khalil Epi, (Le Guess Who?-Festival, Utrecht | Future East Festival, Berlin | Mutek Festival, Montreal | Sonar Festival, Barcelona | Rewire Festival, Den Hague)
2022: Ben Kaczor & Niculin Barandun, Audiovisual concert, DA Z Digital Art Festival, Zürich
2022: «Mapping Possibilities VIII», with Deena Abdelwahed, Pro Helvetia Program, Cairo & Amman
2021: Visual Performance, Alexander Kordz & Niculin Barandun, Videoex Festival, Zürich
2020: Visual Performance with Balint Dobozi and Karima Nayt, DA Z Digital Art Festival, Zürich
2020: «Transmission~», Audiovisual Installation, Parzelle403, Basel
2020: Visual Performance with Hora Lunga (Dave Eleanor), Window of the World, St. Moritz
2019: «Transmission~», Audiovisual concert, Palazzo delle esposizioni, Rome
2018: «Undiscovered», New Media Art Exhibition, Guangzhou
2018: «Mapping Possibilities VI», Pro Helvetia Jubilee Program, Cairo
2018: «Spanish footwork», collaboration with Kid Simius, Circle of Light International Festival, Moscow
2018: «Stm~ Duality», Volumens Festival Internacional de Exploración Audio & Visual, Valencia
2018: «Materialized Moments», collaboration with Natureboy Flako, Kyiv Lights Festival, Kiev
2018: «Tane», Finalist 1-minute Projection Mapping Competition, Nagasaki
2017: «The Several Ways», Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel
2017: «Rem», First prize Odessa Light Fest, Odessa
2017: «Obscure», Kyiv Lights Festival, Kiev, Ukraine
2017: Openair Zürich, Zurich
2016: «Proteios», Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel
2016: «Proteios», Royal Fish Festival, Baden
2016: «Stm~ Duality», SOUND//VISION, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2016: Electron Festival, Geneva
2016: m4music, Zurich
2015: Circle of Light, Moscow International Festival, Moscow
2015: «Stm~ Duality», Design Festival, Videokunstraum Progr, Bern
2015: «Stm~ Duality», Taktung Festival, Zurich
2015: m4music, Zurich
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest, Kassel
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Circle of Light, Moscow International Festival, Moscow
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Lab1, Eindhoven
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Mapping Festival, Genf
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Telenoika Headquarters, Barcelona
2014: «Stm~ Duality», Künstlerhaus Nürnberg, Nuremberg
2013: Poolloop Festival Rote Fabrik, Zurich
2013: m4music, Zurich
2013: Centras Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania
2013: Live Performers Meeting, Rome
2012: Taktung Festival, Zurich


2024: «TouchDesigner Seminar, Creative Technology», FHNW HGK, Basel
2022: «From Idea to Project with TouchDesigner», Cairo, Egypt
2019: «Custom Visual Instruments with TouchDesigner», m4music, Zurich
2015: «Algorithmic Visual Composition» generate! Festival, Tübingen
2015: «Algorithmic Audiovisual Composition» Taktung Festival, Zurich
2013: «From 2D to 3D», Centras Festival, Kaunas
2012: «Visual Lab», m4music, Blok, Zurich
2011: «Live-Video and Custom Interfaces», Institut HyperWerk, Basel
2010: «Live-Video Mixing» Institut HyperWerk, Basel


2018: Basel Media Art Prize 2018 with «The Several Ways I’ve Died In My Imagination»
2018: Jury Member, VJ Battle Kyiv Lights Festival, Kiev
2017: First prize Odessa Light Fest with the Projection Mapping «Rem»
2015/2016: Head of Jury, VJ-Battle Royal Fish, Fantoche Int. Festival für Animationsfilm, Baden
2014: «DokfestLounge: Artist Talk», Kunsthochschule Kassel, Kassel
2014: «Creative Code Meeting», Telenoika Headquarters, Barcelona
2014: Jury-Member, VJ-Torna VJ-Battle, Lab1, Eindhoven