STM~ Duality

STM~ Duality, 2014 - 2018

«STM~» is a collaborative research project by Luis Sanz and Niculin Barandun resulting in a series of works about quantum physics.

«STM~ Duality» is inspired by wave–particle duality. Digital sound production and particle simulation through interconnected data-systems are used to create a unique synesthetic experience.

Indivisible elements that shape a sculpture of space-time and result in a sensory experience. An indeterminate journey with its own natural laws and principles unfolding before the eyes of the spectator.

The investigation, which follows a research through design approach, is divided into five parts:

Exploration of the basic qualities of waves and different methods of synthesis

Sine waves - the purest form of waves. Noise and random full frequency spectrum.

Generative wave processing

Mathematical concepts, randomness and data.

Visualisation of waves 

Synesthetic statistics; the perception and understanding of waves as a sensory experience.

Data Network

Particles and waves - bodies and sound - in unison and in interaction through networked data.

Human Interaction
The independent existence of the audiovisual environment can be disturbed by the observer, resulting in an exploration of his own a priori.


STM~ Duality versions

Audiovisual concert

2ch FullHD projection | 2.1ch sound
Duration: 30“


Interactive installation

1ch projection | 2.1ch sound | format & dimensions variable


Site specific installation

1ch projection | 2.1ch sound | format & dimensions variable


STM~ Duality experiments

Series of high resolution stills | original dimension 10k2k | excerpt, detail